Fireplace Stand


Imagine a fireplace for warmth in your favorite room containing a bar with a fridge and a bookcase all in one spot. It is perfect for small spaces such as an apartment, condo, loft, attic, bedroom, cottage or a cold spot in your house. This is a great piece to enhance a hide – away in any dwelling space.

I worked in collaboration with the late Toronto designer Phillip Tayler who designed this cabinet for one of his customers. What started as a cabinet for a fireplace quickly became a multifunctional piece of furniture. Since the fireplace runs on methyl hydrate the fuel burns clean and requires no exhaust while giving substantial heat to cozy up any spot. The other part of this cabinet is used for a wine fridge below the fireplace and for all your bar needs. Display storage is provided by the LED lit glass shelves. Taking you needs into account we can incorporate these elements to your space.

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