Library Bookcase
traditional library bookcase

Library Bookcase

Would you like to draw your library and business area together?  Here is a bookcase designed to function both as a library and desk. For your favorite books there is ample space for your library collection. The doors that enclose your books are classical French doors with mullions framing individual panes of glass. The desk is 36”L x 24”D with a 3” deep drawer below for storage. On the left and the right side of the desk are also 3” drawers for storage besides pullout writing surfaces hidden behind the moulding. The additional drawers can be used for office or personal belongings. Beneath the bookcase you will find plenty of storage space in the lower cabinets with pullout drawers for easy access hidden behind raised panel doors. For your times of leisure there is room for a T.V. above the desk that can be   mounted on a retractable arm hidden behind two by fold pocket doors. When in use the doors fold and retract into the cabinet for easy viewing. This cabinet is finished with an elegant crown molding to tie everything together.

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